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Weekly full service, 10 point check list:

  1. Brush pool walls, steps & tile line
  2. Net debris from pool surface
  3. Vacuum as needed
  4. Empty skimmer basket
  5. Empty pump basket
  6. Check equipment, and optimize pool equipment settings
  7. Check pool chemistry
  8. Make pool chemistry adjustments
  9. Backwash filter
  10. Document pool results, and leave a slip notifying you of my visit and the results

Service includes extensive use of ALL necessary pool chemicals, to include: calcium hardness reducer, enzymes, clarifiers, phosphate remover, algaecides, and non-chlorine shock.

Is your pool a salt pool?
Great, I maintain your salt cell at no extra charge. In addition, my line of chemicals optimize the effectiveness and longevity of your expensive salt cell.

Is your filter a D.E. filter? 
Super, I backwash on a regular basis for you. I provide the D.E. for re-caking the filter elements.

Full Service Plan: $110.00

Chemical only (no brushing, netting or vacuuming): $85.00


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