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Acid wash:

We use a 25% acid solution plus a blend of chelate materials in order to provide optimum results. The pool's surface is "washed" with the mild solution over the course of 3-5 applications.   Although we have this application to be time and material intensive, we've discovered this method provides the best results in stain and calcium removal with minimum negative effect to the existing pool plaster as opposed to the traditional methods of acid applications.  We follow up with a disk and hand sander applied to the areas that require extra attention in order to provide the smoothest, brightest surface possible.

Price starts at $650.

Have a GEEN pool? No problem, Clean up plans start at $150.00.
I will need to see the pool to give you a fair price and diagnose how to best clean up the pool.

Filter cleaning: $85.00 (cartridge or D.E.)

Motor Replacement:
$350.00 (1hp – 1 ½ hp)
$400.00 ( 2hp)
I only install upgraded "energy efficient" model pool motors.

Please call for other repairs you need.

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